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Come see why so many say this is the best tattoo shop in the Hudson Valley.  There are many unique advantages that our competitors cannot match!  Private one on one tattooing with only you, your guests, and your tattoo artist, means that you have the whole studio to yourself while being tattooed.  No groups of employees or customers watching, judging, making noise, and otherwise causing distractions.  No loud music or evil skulls and junk all over the walls to make you feel claustrophobic and out of your element!  Also, we are the only studio in the Hudson Valley to offer a 100% disposable setup.  All of the instruments that a traditional parlor  needs to clean and sterilize, we throw away.  Single-use every time! This tattoo studio forgoes the desire to cram many artists in one big room, or many small cubicles, just to increase profits, and instead you are offered a serene and tranquil environment to enjoy your tattoo experience in privacy, comfort, and style, with one artist who specializes in every style of tattooing. Those are some distinct advantages of getting your tattoo work done at DERMAPUNCT TATTOO.  Contact us to find out more!  Located in Wappingers Falls, NY.  Part of the Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls area of the Hudson Valley in New York.  90 minutes north of NYC 90 minutes south of Albany.  100% disposable setup.  A unique tattoo experience.



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