Appointments only.  No walk-ins.  No in-person consultations at this time.  Consultations can be done through email and over the phone.

If you feel even slightly ill please stay home.  It is better to reschedule than you put your artist at risk.  Tattoos also heal very poorly when your body is trying to fight off something else while it should be focused on healing the tattoo.

No groups or guests allowed at this time.  Please come alone to your tattoo appointment.

Face masks must be worn at all times, in the proper position covering both nose and mouth.  Please refrain from touching the mask or your face while wearing it.  If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

When you arrive for your appointment you will need to wait in your car until the artist is ready for you.  The waiting room in the studio is currently closed.  Please call or text the artist to let them know you are here.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided to you before entering the studio.  While inside please refrain from touching things other than your personal belongings.  You must also not touch anywhere near the area of skin being tattooed.

Please maintain social distancing with the artist when entering and exiting the studio or when taking a break from the tattoo.

DERMAPUNCT Tattoo holds safety and hygiene as a top priority.  It is for this reason, that it has always operated as a single artist and one client per day studio.  Exceeding all leading industry protocols and universal precautions when it comes to health and safety will always be the mission here.  Post Covid-19, these rules help to continue this commitment of offering my clients the safest imaginable environment to be tattooed in.  If you are unable, or otherwise unwilling, to follow these rules, I respectfully suggest that you look for somewhere else to get tattooed.  While there are mixed feeling among the public as to the necessity or validity for some of these precautions, they will be implemented here with unwavering dedication.

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