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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the answers to some of the questions I get asked most often.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that aren't on this list, or a question about a question or answer on this list.  Thanks!

How much will my tattoo cost?


That is a difficult question to answer, yet the most common question asked when first inquiring about tattoos.  DERMAPUNCT operates on a per hour basis exclusively.  This is good for both the client and the artist.  Generally, if given a set price upfront, it is in the artist's best interest to complete the work as quickly as possible to maximize their hourly income, which does not always result in the best possible work.  Adversely, if the artist under-charges on an upfront price they may become agitated or disinterested while tattooing and feel that they are getting much less than the tattoo is worth.  This may cause them to cut corners in the tattooing process to finish the tattoo more quickly, which does not always result in the best possible work.  Having an hourly price, ensures that it is fair for both the artists and the client and the best work can be achieved without the added stress of either party feeling that they are at an advantage or disadvantage.

What is the minimum price for a tattoo?


There is a higher than average minimum charge per tattoo session.  It is generally a 3 hour minimum charge per session, but exceptions can be made based on scheduling availability, so please feel free to ask about your tattoo even if you think it may fall under the usual minimum rate.  The reason for the minimum charge is mostly based on the appointment availability in the schedule, so as not to extend waiting times for appointments for medium to larger size tattoos which this shop frequently schedules.  The other main reason for this minimum charge is that DERMAPUNCT TATTOO exclusively uses disposable tubes as well as a large number of  other uncommon disposable and barrier products, for your safety, which significantly add to the setup costs of being tattooed here.  While I don't charge any extra for these services and products, having a minimum charge in place ensures that their usage is cost-effective.  Please read the answer below for "Is your shop clean?" question below for more details on the usage of disposables and cleaning procedures.

Is your shop clean?


I strive to achieve the absolute highest level of sterility and cleanliness imaginable for the saftey of myself and my clients.  Although artistry and the tattoo experience are important factors in getting a tattoo, cleanliness, sterility, and hygeine are my absolute #1 focus.  There are many steps that DERMAPUNCT TATTOO takes to ensure that you are getting tattooed in the cleanest environment available.   A somewhat unique difference that I offer in that regard is the use of disposable tubes.  A 'tube' is what the artist holds while tattooing, it is what the needle sits and and it holds the ink.  These are generally metal and the artist would clean it and sterilize it after each use.  The tubes and needles that DERMAPUNCT uses are 100% disposable, which means that nothing that comes into contact with your skin will be, or ever has been, used on someone else.  Although using only disposables costs more than a traditional metal tube that can be used over and over, it is well worth the value in safety and peace of mind.  I also wear disposable plastic sleeves, a disposable plastic apron, and double gloves during the procedure.  Tattoo machines "guns" are covered in plastic bags.  Every surface is wrapped in plastic and plastic-lined paper products to avoid cross-contamination, as well as cleaned with an envirocidal cleaner before and after every tattoo procedure.  The tattooing setup is also performed on a stainless steel medical tray table away from any counters where inks, supplies, or any number of other things may be kept.  It is hard to accurately describe exactly how seriously I take this aspect of tattooing, but if you read some of the google reviews for DERMAPUNCT TATTOO, you may get a better understanding based on my client's experience here.

Do you accept credit cards?


YES!  Paypal is accepted as well.  There is a 3% fee for using either of these methods.

Do you accept walk-ins?


This tattoo studio operates on an appointment only basis.  Even if scheduling availabilty wasn't a concern, giving the artist time to think about and perfect the design for your tattoo can only help enhance the final product.

How do I make an appointment?


The best way to make an appointment is to fill out the CONTACT FORM on this site.  Please be patient  when waiting for a reply, as I sometimes have a massive amount of inquiries to answer.  Rest assured,  I will absolutely reply to everyone via the email provided on the form as quickly as I can.  Once a date and time are agreed upon, a deposit must be left to secure the appointment, which can conveniently be done through the webstore on this website.

Do you do piercings?


Unfortunately, DERMAPUNCT TATTOO does not offer piercings at this time.

How long will my tattoo take?


This question is very similar to, and as frequently asked as, "how much will my tattoo cost?".  When consulting with a client, either in-person or via email, there is generally an estimate given of how much time the artist thinks the tattoo will take.  There are so many factors involved in how long a tattoo takes that must be taken into account including body placement, size, detail, background, color, etc. that it is not always a simple question to answer.  As a general rule, I try to price estimate tattoos based on what I think it would take to make it look extraordinary, not just to complete the most basic version of the design.  There is an old addage in tattooing that says "Good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good!".  While the quality of the tattoo has something to do with the expertise level of the artist you choose, it also is directly affected by how much time is spent on the tattoo itself. 

Will my tattoo hurt?


The tattoo experience is different for everyone.  I would say that it feels more annoying than painful.  This can of course turn to more painful the longer the tattoo procedure goes.  Different areas of the body are generally more painful than others as well.  This is a very generalized chart to show you an example of pain levels based on body placement.

What styles of tattoos do you prefer?


I learned very early in my tattooing career that being a "one-trick pony" has a lot of limitations.  As such, I have never wanted to stick to one style of tattooing and as you can see from the photos on this website, I feel that I am proficient in many styles.

What is the tattooing experience like in your shop?


It is very unique.  There is only one artist and one client (plus any guests they bring) at a time, so you have the studio all to yourself during your appointment.  The decoration is minimal and pleasing to the eye and has a peaceful and calming aesthetic.  The music is always calming and soothing and never too loud or angry (no death metal or hardcore rap).  I have tried to create a very "zen" atmosphere for my clients.  It also appeals to people that don't necessarily enjoy the hustle and bustle of many traditional tattoo studios or feel comfortable in more chaotic social environments.  There are no distractions for the artist while he is working on you.  There are no people hanging out everywhere while you are trying to relax and enjoy your tattoo experience.  I consider the exclusivity and privacy offered at DERMAPUNCT TATTOO to be an important aspect included in your tattoo experience.

How do I get a discount on my tattoo?


There are no discount policies in place.  I offer good quality work for what I consider to be a fair price based on my experience as well as local competitor's rates.  That being said, for clients that get work done by me regularly and often, I try to be fair and work with them on price as much as I am able.

Should I tip for my tattoo and if do how much?


This is usually an awkward question, especially when being asked in-person during payment.  There is no set answer for this.  I would say that it is more common than it is uncommon to tip, but there is absolutely no mandate or expectation.  You also shouldn't feel obliged to tip a tattoo artist unless you are exceedingly happy with the work. I only included this question in the F.A.Q. because it is asked so often.  As far as how much, that is always a personal choice, some people seem to tip based on a percentage of the cost of the tattoo/session and some people seem to tip a flat amount per session.  There is no circumstance in which you should be made to feel that tipping your tattoo artist is a necessary part of payment process, but it is always absolutely appreciated!

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