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With tattooing being more prominent in pop culture than ever before, it is only natural that tattoo artists and studios should evolve with the growing industry and offer their services in exciting new ways.  DERMAPUNCT TATTOO is much more than your standard "tattoo parlor", it is a haven for true tattoo collectors and first timers alike.   Far from the loud, and often intimidating, feeling that some clients feel when walking into a new tattoo studio for the first time, Dermapunct Tattooing offers a private and serene environment free from distraction and stress.  Why get tattooed in a large room full of other clients and tattoo artists, with little to no privacy, when you can have a whole tattoo studio all to yourself and your guests?  DERMAPUNCT only schedules one appointment at a time, so that all focus and attention can be given to each client on an individual basis.  It is a much more comfortable and personal experience.  


Using state of the art disposable products and years of experience in Blood Borne Pathogens training and certification, this studio offers tattooing services in the most hygienic setting imaginable.  The Tattoo Artist/Owner, Jacqsun Jones, holds the safety of his clients of the utmost importance.  All preparation before, during, and after the tattooing procedure is of the highest standards and universal precautions, such as you would find in any professional medical office.  All surfaces and seating are thoroughly cleaned with medical grade solvent, before and after each tattoo procedure.  All needles are single-use disposable and opened in front of each client.  Gloves used are high quality nitrile, no need to worry about any possible latex allergy.  Instead of industry standard metal tubes (the device that attaches to the end of the tattoo machine which holds the needle and ink) that need to be properly cleaned and sterilized after every tattoo, DERMAPUNCT TATTOO proudly uses 100% disposable tubes and needle cartridges, which are single-use.  All surfaces are wrapped in plastic and the tattooist wears a disposable apron and arm sleeve, as well as tattoo machines being bagged.  This means that NOTHING that touches your skin has or ever will touch anyone else!  Many of these products and procedures are cutting edge and state of the art and DERMAPUNCT takes pride in using these advanced techniques and products to offer you the safest possible environment to receive your tattoo.


 All tattoos are custom designed for each client individually.  There are no designs to "choose" from.  This can be daunting for some people who are used to more  "traditional" tattoo shops, but it allows the ability to have truly original artwork created especially for you and be involved in the tattoo experience from beginning to end.  Each client will have a consultation with the artist to discuss theme, meaning, composition, and placement.  This high level of artistry and personal attention to every individual is another thing that sets DERMAPUNCT apart.


The experience of being tattooed is often as meaningful as the tattoo to many people.  State of the art cleanliness, private setting, high level artistry, and attention to detail for each client are some of the many reasons that you should consider this studio for your next tattoo.

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