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Click on a tattoo image to enlarge.  This is a small sample of my custom tattoo work.  Specializing in all styles of tattooing.  Thanks for looking!

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Thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at my work.  For the most currently updated photos make sure to follow me on Instagram @dermapunct or click the Instagram button at the top of the page.  

DERMAPUNCT TATTOO studio produces  the best tattoos possible by offering a private and hygienic environment.  If you are wondering  "what is the best tattoo shop near me ?", look no further.  DERMAPUNCT is one of the best Hudson Valley tattoo shops.  Close to Poughkeepsie, NY DERMAPUNCT Tattoo is also close to NYC, MA, CT, and NJ.  Watercolor tattoos near me is a common online search terms these days, thankfully we've got you covered.  From watercolor tattoos to dotwork tattoos to color realism tattoos DERMAPUNCT can do it all.  Make sure to read our Google reviews and ask your friends for recommendations.